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Young people exiting out of home care (OHC) often experience poor outcomes in adulthood, including higher levels of homelessness, transitory lifestyles, lower levels of educational achievement, greater poverty and unemployment, poorer physical and mental health and greater contact with the criminal justice system. Currently we lack comprehensive research to help understand young people’s pathways into and transitioning out of OHC, and the factors enabling quality supports.

Navigating Through Life aims to:

  • Understand pathways associated with particular outcomes of young people in and transitioning from OHC;

  • Map pathways and the lived experience of young people as they transition to leave OHC and after exiting OHC;

  • Identify key factors for meeting the cultural, social and developmental needs associated with successful transitions;

  • Identify Aboriginal family and community perspectives on the barriers and enablers important to the achievement of developmental milestones from a cultural perspective


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15 to 25, with at least 6 months experience living in Out of Home Care in Western Australia?

We want your voice to help us learn what supports you need to help transition out of Out of Home Care.

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18 to 28, with experience living in Out of Home Care in Western Australia?

Your expertise on our Youth Advisory Group will help us engage young people, and translate the study's findings.

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